Hello! It has been awhile! While recently redesigning my website and shifting my blog to it’s own home within the larger site, I noticed how long it has actually been since I have last blogged. (November 2012, for those curious.) Upon reviewing the drafts I had began, I realized that I spend so much time writing for work that I have largely dropped writing for myself.

There are a dozen ideas jotted into drafted posts, waiting for additional research, context and fuller thoughts before hitting a “publish ready” state. I created these drafts with the full intent to readdress them properly into more fully developed posts. However, I abandoned my poor drafts and have almost ceased to write for myself during the past year and a half.


After leaving my job in February, in search of inserting creativity back into my day-to-day, I’ve decided some of this could be met by nurturing more of my own projects, including this blog. And I don’t need to over think my writing that I do here. It is allowed to be an open space for me to express my thoughts and keep far away friends and contacts updated on myself and my work.

While this blog began as an outlet to write about marketing and technology, I have grown it to include everything I may feel like posting, including travel and cooking. I am also partially through a project to migrate content I have published on other blogs and sites of mine over the years, in an effort to consolidate my writing. I’ll continue to blog here but it will be a personal blog. I will write about that which interests me, that isn’t met in the writing I do for work.

I have watched many other early bloggers begin to drop off in recent years. Blogging, once simply a form of self expression, has developed into a full fledged marketing tool, even for the stay at home Midwestern mother. They are no longer led by the geeks. They are endorsed, sponsored, awarded and held high. Many of us early bloggers now work in some facet of technology or marketing. Is it the over saturation of blogs that killed our interest? Is it our distraction of having blogs so prominent in our work? Are we just tired of blogs?

I’m giving it a refreshed shot. There will be a few more changes to come to this blog — I am moving my food posts over to Satiated Home (still a work in progress). I am considering merging my Drive A Faster Car content over here (currently down due to hosting issues). I will Spring Clean my blogs to a point where they feel like manageable outlets of expression, not a marketing tool. I will give it a concerted effort and priority in my week. In a few months, I’ll assess how I’d like to proceed. Is 13 years of blogging enough or is there more left to write?