So a Bomb Just Hit My Next Destination

When traveling, you learn you must be fluid and cope with the unexpected. An unexpected I could not have anticipated needing to cope with are the two explosions that just went off from a massive car bomb severely damaging a government building in Oslo, Norway, where I am traveling to in a week. There are also now reports of shooting with an automatic weapon at a political youth summer camp on the Norwegian island of Ut√łya, with rumored deaths, only 50km away from Oslo.

Oslo, the capital city of Norway

What do you do when your next destination has suffered a possible terrorist attack? I immediately checked the US International Travel Information page to see if there were any new alerts. There are no updates yet, likely due to the fact that Norway doesn’t even know what happened yet. I also reached out with inquiries on whether it was safe to continue with my travel plans to Oslo next week through their Facebook page and the US Embassy in Oslo’s Twitter account. I plan to check back to all of these over the next week before departing as well as following local and world news coverage leading up until my departure date.

Here are some terrifying photos of the aftermath from Yahoo! News and there is a great collection of people tweeting on Storyful’s Norway list if you’d like to keep up with the latest.

I hope this all ends as well as possible and that I am still able to travel to Oslo next week as expected to be able to experience this Scandinavian capital within my journey this year. Wishes of safety to all.

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