New York Jaunt And Returning To Barcelona

Barcelona's Arc De Triomf
Me in front of Barcelona’s Arc De Triomf

Note: Written 9 June 2011

29A on my transatlantic Delta flights do not recline. This is worth noting. Stop booking it. I’ve done it three times.

Another highlight of this flight returning to Barcelona from New York was getting yelled at by the flight attendant for talking too loudly while someone on the opposite side of the plane was trying to sleep. (We has just finished dinner.) I’m apparently a troublemaker!

I had the pleasure of once again being seated next to an older Barcelona gentleman with a fantastic sense of humor on this flight. This man is retired and travels the world with two passports – Spanish & American. He showed me both and all of his stamps, making me terribly envious and ready to be back in Spain. Only another five hours to go. There have been so many Americans on my flights who are taking Mediterranean cruises, leaving from Barcelona. Both flights packed to the rim with them. I knew Barcelona had a big port but for some reason, the tourism aspect of it never crossed my mind. This flight also marks my official achievement of Silver Medallion status with Delta already this year. My goal is to hit Gold, if not Platinum before the end of this year. The more Asia trips I fit in, the closer I will get to this goal.

On this flight back to Spain after a whirlwind four days in New York, all I can think about is everything I wanted to do when getting back into Barcelona.

  • Need a pedicure. I have two pairs of shoes with me but have worn my sandals almost exclusively. My feet have gotten a bit beaten and rough from so much city walking.
  • Need to find a language exchange or Spanish class. 11:30-13:30 daily? Cost?
  • Registering with Spain to let them know I’m here.
  • Go for a run fat ass! I keep eating but have yet to exercise beyond walking.
  • Must hit tourist stuff. Gaudi, cemetery, the beach, what else?

I began keeping track of all of my money spent during my trip and a week in, I already feel this will be too time consuming of a task. I’ll leave it for Mint and need to see if they detect the currency change while abroad. It’ll be a little worthless if not, considering the difference in exchange rate.

The number one thing I need to do when I get back to Spain is to stay awake. In my first few days, I learned I had not really known what jet lag was before. Up until only a couple days ago, I took very long naps daily, at random hours that didn’t coincide with either my Atlanta time nor my Barcelona time. Maybe my insomnia put me on Asia time or something. I need to get my body six hours ahead. Priority!

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